Trash for Peace

trash_for_peaceTrash for Peace is a local non-profit that is passionate about finding creative ways to reduce the amount of waste that we use. They are very involved in educating youth about the importance of reducing, reusing, and rethinking waste using fun, innovative projects and programs that also develop leadership, teamwork, and job skills in disadvantaged youth.

Current Collaborations: St. Michael’s is providing kitchen and gathering space. It is also actively involved in planning and carrying out two new programs of the newly established Dekum Youth Empowerment Initiative, which is bringing together Trash for Peace, Home Forward, the Concordia Neighborhood Association, St. Michael’s Lutheran Church, Volunteers of America, and others in the following projects:

  • A cooking class where students are learning how to cook basic meals using as little waste as possible. As part of this program they will also be studying for and taking a test to receive their Food Handler’s Licenses.
  • A bus shelter project. The youth will be involved in a process of designing and building a bus shelter out of all repurposed materials. They will also be involved in maintaining the site using Tri-Met’s “Adopt-A-Stop” Program.

Future Hopes:

Once the students have been studying for a bit and have their Food Handler’s Cards, they hope to put their skills to use to host a Zero Waste Café to be held initially once a month at St. Mike’s. The eventual dream is to have a volunteer based restaurant with life-skills training for at risk youth and young adults.

To learn more about Trash for Peace, check out their website.