Service Opportunities in the Congregation

A congregation like St. Michael’s always works because people are generous with their time and skills. A worship service puts many folks to work. Here are a few ways that people serve:

Sunday Morning Assistants

Sound and Video
Upstairs in the balcony, someone is managing the sound system and turning on the cameras and working with the live stream. 

When you walk into church someone is there to greet a guest, answer questions about where the restroom is, hand them a bulletin, and make them feel welcome. 

On Sunday mornings folks make an offering. Those funds are responsibly accounted for, properly deposited, and carefully handled. A core of volunteers does that work. 

Regularly St. Michael’s listens to God’s word read by a variety of voices in the congregation. If you would like to read one of the appointed passages, speak to Pastor or call the church office to be worked into the rotation. 

Altar Assistants
Alter Assistants help distribute the Lord’s Supper, participate in the liturgy, and more. We will train you and help you know just what to do. If you are interested speak to Pastor. 

Altar Service
If standing up in front of the congregation is not your cup of tea, and it is not everyone’s best service, you might help prior to the service by setting up the altar and cleaning up after the service. You could help us change the paraments (cloth hangings on the altar and pulpit/lectern) or hanging the large banners behind the altar. Training is available. We would have someone walk along side of you as you learn how to do this. Let the office know if you are interested. 

Executive Leadership Team

St Michael’s is a registered non-profit corporation in the state of Oregon and Multnomah county. As such it has requirements to have officers and people who are charged with responsibly managing its assets and property. In addition, St Michael’s elects people to make important decisions about its ministry and service. The primary group for this work is called the Executive Leadership Team, usually abbreviated ELT. ELT members normally serve for a three year term, they are elected in a staggered cycle so the congregation always has continuity of leadership. 

Building Help

midcentury modern church

Our building was erected in 1959 and we think it is a bit of midcentury modern art. But it also needs regular maintenance and work. There are several ways to serve in this regard. We hire and need help managing a professional groundskeeping service, janitors, and others. If you have good administrative skills and can help us oversee contractual service by others, you can help this way. But sometimes we also need helping hands to clean, sort, and do some projects around the church. Watch for these appeals in emails and the newsletter of the congregation. 

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