The Organ

St. Michael’s Lutheran Church
Marceau and Associates
Opus II, 1988

This instrument, the first major project of Marceau and Associates, replaced an aging Kimball pipe organ. Most of the existing pipework was revised and is located in the original chambers. A new freestanding Great case of red oak features an 8’ Principal façade with pipes of flamed copper and polished tin. The highlights of the organ are the flamed copper 8’ Trompette en Chamade; when added to the full chorus this stop provides a crowning touch to the musical ensemble. The delicate Rohrflöte on the Great, the colorful Koppelflöte on the Choir, and the haunting Flute Harmonique on the Swell are examples of the variety of musical choices found on a Marceau Pipe Organ. 

St. Michael makes its organ available to musicians who are seeking to practice or perform. If you are interested in playing the St. Michael’s organ, please get in touch with Bill Kuhn.

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