Monday of Pentecost 16 – Prayer of the Week

O God, our refuge and strength, the author of all godliness, hear the devout prayers of Your Church, especially in times of persecution, and grant that what we ask in faith we may obtain; through Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. My friend Jon served a congregation which had welcomed a group of Sudanese Christians into their midst. He was taking some leaders through a confirmation class so they could become teachers within their community. English was not their first language. When one encountered a long word, it was wise to stop and ask if they knew what it meant. “Crucifixion” was the word of the moment. “Do you know what ‘crucifixion’ means?’ “Yeah, my cousin,” said Tap, the tall, thin man with scars across his forehead.   “What do you mean, ‘your cousin?’” “The Islamic militia crucified my cousin. Nailed him to a wall. It took three days for him to die and all we could do was watch because the militia would shoot us if we came too close.” My friend sat in stunned silence for a moment. “Tap, I think you need to teach me,” he said. I got to know this Sudanese community and others around the country. If you ever get a chance, go to church with them. They know how to sing. It is not Bach chorales, but it is another music of great joy, often accompanied by nothing but a drum. This prayer says that God is the author of all godliness. I find it interesting that God writes godliness, authors it. Is it like DNA in our cells or a plotline in our lives? He wrote deep joy in the Sudanese people which even persecution could not quash. What good has God written in your heart?

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