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St. Michael’s is a community of faithful and loving people who are committed to Christ and following him as disciples. We welcome you to be part of the good work that Christ does in this place through us. Here are the typical ways that people formally affiliate with St. Michael’s Lutheran Church.


If you are not baptized, we would rejoice to baptize you. The process is simple. Speak to the pastor. For adults and children of age, we will have a class for you. We believe that baptism is a solemn and holy thing that you should understand before you are baptized. You will be making important promises before God and His people. You should understand those promises before you make them. You should understand the faith of this community.

The infants of baptized members of the community are baptized in the joyful anticipation of their subsequent education and training. Parents of infants for whom they seek baptism, should speak to Pastor. 

Reception by Transfer

If you are a member of a Lutheran congregation already and have moved into the area or are seeking a church home, we rejoice to welcome you into our midst. We would love to answer any questions you may have about St. Michael’s and want to share with you the many ways that Christ is at work here. If you elect to become a member of St. Michael’s we would delight to do so formally and introduce you to the congregation. 

Joining the Congregation Through the Rite of Confirmation

We baptize children in anticipation of their subsequent education and training in the faith, practices, and life of the Church. As their parents and the young person feels ready, we give them an opportunity to make a public confession of that faith. Adults who seek membership in the congregation may also make this confession. When a person does this, the congregation celebrates this confession of faith with a rite we call Confirmation. It is normally proceeded by a period of instruction by the pastor. This confession involves the making of promises and a solemn affirmation of what the Church also teaches. It is good to know and understand what one is saying. You can speak to the pastor about confirmation. 

Reception by the Affirmation of the Faith

Individuals who seek to join St Michael’s from other Christian traditions may also join the congregation through the rite of the Affirmation of Faith.  

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