Into God’s Word: Educational Opportunities

The psalmist declares that he meditates upon the Word of God day and night (Psalm 1:2) and finds comfort in that Word (Psalm 63:5-8). God’s Word is worthy of our attention and beneficial to whole lives. St Michael’s offers you multiple means to study God’s Word and to be enriched as a Christian. All are welcome. 

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Every Sunday you are invited to a Bible study which takes place in the fellowship hall of the church. Coffee is served along with a rich feast of God’s Word. The courses are designed so that you can drop in for a one-day visit or dig in for several weeks of study. Study begins at 9 AM.

Tuesday Bible Study

On Thursday mornings, St. Michael’s hosts a Bible Study which examines the readings we will hear this Sunday. We gather at 10 AM in the Fellowship Hall. All are welcome, refreshments are served. 

Children’s Education

St. Michael’s offers children age-appropriate education in the Bible’s narrative and application. Do you like children and teaching about God’s Word? We have a good curriculum for you to use and it is always good for children to hear a new voice and another adult tell them about Jesus. 

Zoom Studies

The COVID pandemic has taught St Michael’s some new ways to invest in the Word of God. Pastor Brandt has regularly offered virtual studies during the pandemic and these will likely continue following the pandemic. If you would like to be invited to the Zoom studies, please contact the church office to be placed on the emailing list. 

Confirmation Classes

Individuals who are preparing to assert their faith through Rite of Confirmation spend some time in consideration and study of God’s Word, the teachings which are essential to Christianity, and some of the unique teachings of Lutheranism. It is a time to ask any question about God which lies upon the heart of the individual. Anyone is welcome to take these classes including those who have already been confirmed and those who simply want to know more about what St. Michael’s teaches and believes.

First Communion Classes

St Michael’s invites young people around the age of 7-10 years old to participate in a series of classes that will introduce them to the meaning and practice of the Lord’s Supper/Eucharist. Anyone is welcome to take this course with Pastor Brandt. 

Baptismal/New Member Classes

Periodically adults who seek membership in St. Michael’s will be enrolled in a new member class. These courses are designed to be overviews of the teachings and beliefs of the Congregation, the Lutheran movement, and Christendom. Geared toward adults, these courses are designed to allow you to ask questions and know more about St. Michael’s before joining the parish, but many also find them a great refresher course. 

Is there a topic you would like to study on Sunday or Thursday mornings, or in one of the Zoom studies? Propose it to Pastor. He always looking for a suggestion or indication of what you want to study. 

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