baptismBaptism is a means of God’s grace by which He creates faith and makes the person baptized His very own child, forgives them their sin, gives them a new life in Christ and promises them an eternity in heaven.  He also promises at Baptism that as long as the Baptized remain under their baptismal grace God will always forgive them their sins and keep the doors of heaven open to them.

We at St. Michael’s baptize infants, believing as the Scripture says that we are all born into sin and without God’s grace we would all perish eternally.   Baptism is that means by which faith is created in the child’s heart and salvation is given that child as a gift from God himself.

Baptism is a free gift of God to all who desire it.  If you desire baptism for yourself or your children make an appointment with the Pastor.  After a brief meeting the date of the Baptism will be set.

Sponsors at a Baptism is an option.  Sponsors should be people of the Christian Faith.

You need not be a member or commit to membership at St. Michael’s in order to be baptized.

Our Pastor will perform “emergency Baptism” to anyone upon request.