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Welcome To St. Michael’s

Worship and Service in the Days of COVID-19

Since our last update the mandates of the health department have not changed. We are allowed up to 25% of our building’s capacity or 100 people. Those happen to be roughly the same number for St. Michael’s.  Beginning June 6 and running thru the end of August service  will begin at 9:00 am.

We continue to observe the mandates for mask wearing, social distancing, and no food/drink after services. Music is also curtailed. We are singing two verses of two hymns in worship, sometimes stretching that to a third hymn in festival times. The liturgy is reduced, and we commune at the end of the service to facilitate people being able to leave the building while maintaining distance from one another.

We have managed to expand our technological offerings for those who cannot attend Sunday mornings. We thank many, who have made it possible for St. Michael’s to live stream their services. You can find the St. Michael’s YouTube channel at: . If you have not yet visited, consider it. You can also share that link with friends and family who might like to partake.

We have also begun a new Bible study on Ephesians which is being conducted through Zoom. If you have not received an invitation or would like to know more, please get in touch with Pastor Brandt –