Kitchen Commons


Kitchen Commons is a relatively young organization in Portland that has high hopes of impacting Portlanders in amazing ways! Kitchen Commons is working to build a network of community kitchens in every neighborhood in Portland. The intention in doing so is to empower people to cook healthy meals from scratch. As individuals come together to learn from each other, knowledge is shared between generations and all participants benefit! (Check out the Kitchen Commons website to learn more about their organization.)

St. Michael’s is partnering with Kitchen Commons to provide access to a community kitchen where community members can gather to share resources of food, time, cooking skills and knowledge to enable healthy cooking.

We currently have one Collective Cooking Group that meets at St. Michael’s on the first Thursday of every month. This group has explored many different types of cooking, from canning applesauce and sauerkraut to making homemade soups and pizzas, and various “cook and freeze” meals.

Anyone who wishes to learn or share knowledge about cooking is welcome to attend! The cost for attending a cooking session is $0-$15 sliding scale. (We suggest $5 per adult) Funds raised at each event are used to make future classes possible.

Check out the Community Cooking Group Flyer to learn about our next event!

If you have questions about this event, would like to make suggestions for a future event, or would like to become involved in leading a Collective Cooking Group at St. Michael’s Community Kitchen, contact Rachel Schweitzer at (503) 997-2003 or send an email.