Cuisine & Company


Portland is full of great restaurants! Why not explore them with friends? Cuisine & Company is an informal group that meets at least once a month. Each time we meet we try out one of Portland’s restaurants.

What kind of restaurants do we go to?

We try to cover the gamete of what Portland has to offer, from ethnic experiences to hamburger joints.

When do we go?

  • We almost always go out for lunch at noon on the third Saturday of the month. This is because a number of us volunteer at our local Oregon Food Bank on the third Saturday of the month from 9-11:30 a.m. and we enjoy sharing a meal afterwards. (Please feel free to join us for lunch even if you aren’t able to serve with us at the Oregon Food Bank.)
  • From time to time we also schedule other times to eat out. This allows us to share a meal with others who are not available for lunch on Saturdays and also allows us to check out restaurants that are only open in the evenings or week days.

Next Meeting
No meetings are currently scheduled

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