St. Michael's Lutheran Church

6700 NE 29th Ave
Portland, OR 97211
(503) 493-6333


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Welcome To St. Michael’s

Worship Reminder

St Michael’s has resumed worship services as a part of Multnomah County entering phase 1 of re-opening.

If you plan to attend services, you must register. There are two reasons for this:

  1. We are restricted to less than 25 people in worship – we don’t want someone to make a trip and be denied entry because we are already at 25 people.
  2. If someone were to test positive for COVID, we will be required to assist contact tracing efforts and will need a record of who attended worship that day.

Register by calling the church office (503) 493-6333 before Friday noon.

If you decide to attend after Friday noon – please call Pastor at (503) 358-8411.

We recognize that attending worship in these circumstances is a personal decision which you need to make as you feel safe. If you cannot attend the in-person services, consider viewing the St Michael’s worship service online. It will be posted later that day. You can find a link on the St. Michael’s Facebook page or you can let the office know and we will add you to a distribution list which will notify you via email as soon as at is available.

Also consider the Zoom Bible study which is being conducted online. Email Pastor Brandt for instructions about how to log in –

Please pray for health workers and for all those who struggle with this pandemic.

Pastor Brandt